The Earth & Beyond (2019)

The Earth and Beyond is the second album from musician and producer Conor Strachan which blends elements of Space Rock, Alternative and Psychedelia into his own symphonic style.

The album conceptualises the story of a Cosmonaut who finds his true love on earth but comes into conflict when he is called up to take part on a one man space mission into the unknown. External events conspire to sabotage the mission and he is ultimately pulled back towards Earth, where his fate is left uncertain.

The album was recorded between 2016-2018 at Conor’s home studio and the Tony Visconti Studio in London. A host of musicians feature throughout the album with songs utilising a mixture of traditional band instruments, orchestral instruments and electronic analogue synthesizers

Track Listing

Winter Has Broken
Caroline Come Home
Songs In Black and White
The Last Day
Out Of The Stratosphere
Floating In Space
Last Light Of Our Soul
Gravitational Wave


Conor Strachan – Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Synthesizers, Hammered Dulcimer, SFX
Ceser Imbelonni – Piano, Synthesizers
Florin Pascu – Drums, Percussion, Timpanni
George Curnick – Guitars
Sean Wilks – Bass
Melissa Lynch – Violin
Harry Thurston – Trombone
James Moore – Trumpet
David Medland – Trumpet, Flugel Horn
Carolina Eyck – Theremin (Out Of The Stratosphere)
Sylvija Emilija – Vocals (Floating in Space)

Engineered by Conor Strachan & Ali Miller
Produced & Mixed by Conor Strachan
Mastered by Streaky


Logo Artwork –  Charly Cross
Photography – Danny Williams, Conor Strachan