I am a writer, musician and producer from the UK.
I currently reside in South-West London where I work out of my home studio and occasionally record in larger recording studios, out on location or wherever a sound may be found.

I seek inspiration from both the natural environment and from what we create from within it. I like creating complete concepts for my music to be contextualised in, which can be supported through sound design, narrative, artwork and imagery. If you are interested in some potential influences take a look at the inspiration pages.

I enjoy collaborating with a wide range of musicians and instruments to create arrangements with diverse textures and sounds. My philosophy is to record everything from its sound source. I like the way the recording process captures the unique harmonics and changes in tonality made by the player and their instrument.

Growing up I was exposed to classical, folk and jazz music through my mother a violin teacher and from my father, a keen astrophysicist whose record collection consisted of various pop/rock records from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s.

I picked up a guitar when I was 11 and started writing songs. Curious to hear what my songs sounded like, I learnt how to record them, starting on a portable Panasonic cassette deck and making my way up to more advanced studio equipment. I was inspired to experiment with recording different layers, mixing traditional rock arrangements with orchestral instruments and sound design.

After experimenting, recording and playing in different bands when I left school, I worked several jobs to fund my first album ‘Mandelbrot Zoo’ which was recorded mostly in a bedroom on a 16 track recorder. I managed to call in some favours and offered up trades for recording sessions to get different musicians to play on the album.

Up till now I have been writing future projects and have been developing a new home studio, where I produced my second album ‘The Earth & Beyond’ which was released in late 2019 on my own label ‘Astronomical Recordings’.

I am currently in the process of recording multiple projects including my third album ‘Rossums’s Universal Robots Radio’ which will be released at some point in the near future.

I hope you are transported through the sounds and enjoy listening to the music as much as I have enjoyed creating it.