Mandelbrot Zoo (2015)

Mandelbrot Zoo is the debut album from producer Conor Strachan and co-features an ensemble cast of guest musicians. The album was recorded in various locations and at Conor’s home studio in London between 2012-2015.Everything on the record was recorded from it’s source from the ominous resonance of the church organ to the musical ringing of bicycle bells. Based on four conceptual themes the album is a psychedelic journey through dreamlike stories and abstract worlds, taking lyrical inspiration from poetry, cinema, architecture, nature, dreams and the alternative perceptions that exist within these worlds.

Track Listing

The Beginning
The Fall
Paranoia (SOS)
A Trail
The Showdown
Colour II
House Of Bones
Café Central
Mertre Sous La Lune
Radio AM
Making My Way Downtown


Conor Strachan – Guitar, Lead Vocals, SFX
Dylan Bell – Drums, Percussion
Kieren Lawrence – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Matthew Perkins – Bass, Backing Vocals
Zsuzsanna Meszaros – Cello
Melissa Lynch – Violin
Krisztina Gyura – Viola
Dave Medland – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Kenneth Brown – Trumpet
Julia Harrison– Saxophone
Sarah Sorencen – Flute
Russel Spencer – Trombone
Colin Stuart – Piano, Church Organ
Mary Bidegaray – Parisian
Mixed & Produced by Conor Strachan
Mastered by Simon Heyworth & Andy Miles
Cover Design and Papercuts by Florrie Thomas